This is our new EP. The six songs are all things that started to form together around the time that we were finishing up with In Glorious Technicolor, and it was exciting but also super-frustrating as we had to focus on getting the album wrapped up first. But it's difficult when things drag on for as long as IGT did because, as weeks of tinkering and dead ends turn into months of tinkering and dead ends, inevitably you start to lose a little interest and become more excited by the ideas that you are generating in the moment. If anything though, it was the thought of moving onto these songs that probably gave us the final push needed to get the album done. Although these six songs feel related to the album, we were completely set on that particular sequence of songs and knew that these couldn't simply be tacked on at the end. We're different people now than we were in 2014. They had to be their own thing, but as a set they still feel very much a companion piece to the album.

We know that we trot out this particular cliché every time that we put something new out there, but this release really feels to us like our best work to date. This is also reflected in the fact that this is the first time we've put something online without there being a free download option. Obviously we don't expect anybody to buy what we're making, but we value what we do and spend an awful lot of time working at it... and maybe just giving it away for free doesn't exactly suggest that we care as much as we do. We want to be heard and we want people to enjoy listening to our stuff and, yeah, we'd love to experience some kind of success - however modest - but we want to do it with music that we believe in 100%. Having the confidence to put even a small monetary value on our music is a sign of that. So, yeah, we've set the price at £3 for the download and shortly there will be gorgeous physical copies available for £4. Of course, if you don't want to do that you can always stream it, rip it by foul means or send us a message... it's totally up to you!

We'd envisaged Flow as being a somewhat transitory thing, paving the way for the kind of place we want to go to for the next album, but it's kind of turned out that we're pretty much there already. We're milling about on the doorstep, peering through the letterbox. Nobody's answering yet, but they will one day, and it will be fucking amazing.

So that's what we'll be doing soon. Going underground. We'd love to perform live in the coming months and we'll certainly put some music out, but we've been throwing ideas around for album number three for a couple of months now and can't wait to get started proper on that before the year is out. If nothing else, it's going to be an interesting one to say the least.

Thanks so much for looking & listening. We hope you enjoy this one.