This is our new album. It's taken a while to get to this point but we think it's finally ready to see the light of day now... and that's not to say that we thought the songs weren't good enough or anything, but just that other things get in the way... and life... and equipment... and software... and (blah).

We think it's better than the last one and hope that you do too. Incidentally, if you don't have the last one to compare against, it's out there floating around on a variety of Slovenian torrent sites of fairly ill repute.

So, yeah, these songs... they were all written after we finished Actors, between Autumn 2013 and Summer 2014, and were recorded at Greenacres over that period. What you hear is actually the second attempt we made at it. The first one died a miserable death in early 2014 and, after the poor thing breathed its last frail breath into the Benfleet air, we ceremonially burnt the tracklist in the woods, vowed to honour its memory and then started again with renewed purpose. Then technology happened. Then nothing. Then a lot of curries with Lee, followed by a lot of doubt and more curries both with and without Lee. Finally, towards the end of 2014, a new, bigger and shinier computer came into our lives and the last six months or so have seen Lance solemnly donning his producer hat and sifting through the sessions in order to chisel something great out of them.

Among our small circle of friends there are a number of people whom we feel we should thank for their continued interest and encouragement. So, in no particular order, much love to Freya, Natalie, Sam, Cat, Paul and Cooper. Oh, and of course to Mick Gawthorp for the awesome (improvised) sax on DYDB and Rory McQueen for the beautifully understated, note-perfect sleeve. We hope to produce a physical copy which does the design justice soon, along with some other stuff, but more on that later. Cheers also to Ollie at BBC Essex for being kind enough to broadcast some of our songs, and last but by no means least, to our good friend Lee for helping out with videos, eating curry with us, and, frankly, making sure we got this whole thing finished. Ta again, everyone, it's appreciated.

Too much writing now. One more thing before we sign off though: If you're new to us, like what you hear and feel that you want to do so, then please share our stuff around. I mean, we're not into the whole "let's get as many Likes as we can, real or otherwise" thing at all, but we do want to reach as many interested people as we possibly can, and just one single person who genuinely digs what we've done is worth more to us than anything else. So, yeah, if you have various means of getting it out there... and you want to do it... then please go ahead and share. Fill yer boots, as they say. Every little bit helps, and we definitely need as much help as we can get.

So that's it... In Glorious Technicolor. Finished. Finally. Cheers.

We're gonna start recording a new EP now. We plan to have it out by Summer.

Anyway, thanks for looking & listening and we hope you enjoy the album.